Earth Day

I’m not religious, but today I feel blessed. The dusky light filling my living room is soft and beautiful, the air outside is crisp and I feel lucky to be right where I am.

Today I’ve been studying. I’ve been staring at books and my computer screen all day, I have a headache and my eyes are dry, but still I feel fortunate. When I look up from my screen I can see out of the window, through the trees just stirring into Spring, green leaves beginning to unfurl and buds starting to appear on the branches. Chipmunks are running up and down the trunks and tiny, delicate birds flit from one tree to another. Beyond the trees lies a mirror still lake. A swan sits motionless on top of the glassy surface. I look out of that window, past the trees to the lake and the swan and the dragonflies skating across the water and I think of all of the other places in the world I could be right now. I wouldn’t pick anywhere else.

Today I went running and puffed and panted and turned scarlet, but still I feel well. I ran along a dirt track with the warm sun on my face and clean air in my lungs. My journey took me past a soft sand beach with battered metal canoes lined up on the water. I ran by lush green fields that stretched into the horizon and beyond, and then through a forest, trees still bare from the long winter, but with wild flowers blanketing the forest floor. Then I was running over a small wooden bridge, crossing a tiny burn that ran clearer than any water I’ve seen. Reeds and grasses swayed with the current and small frogs hopped across the half-submerged stones. I finished my run jogging down a gravel path with the afternoon sunshine beaming down on my sweaty neck.

Today I am homesick, but still I feel calm. I walked along a shady path with trees growing together in an intertwined arch and I took photos to send home. I watched the geese flying low over the tree line and thought of my brother, terrified of birds. I chuckled. A chipmunk crossed my path and I thought of my sister and her love for all things soft and cuddly.

Tonight I sat at a fire with good beer, in good company, and I feel content. Looking up I saw a spectacular clear sky full of starlight. Bats darted over-head. Owls called to each other through the darkness and all of the other night time creatures chirped and buzzed and hooted. The fire cracked and glowed and warmed my face and hands.

Today is Earth Day. Today I feel at peace. Today I feel blessed.

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